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Massage Treatment Menu

Swedish Massage 

 Bask in tranquility and restore mental clarity. Relieve muscle tension with light, gentle, effleurage massage strokes. This massage will enhance circulation, increase the removal of toxins and boost immunity.

60 minutes - $75

90 minutes - $105

120 minutes - $135

Deep Tissue Massage

 Deep tissue massage focuses on sub-layer muscles groups and connective tissue by applying sustained, concentrated pressure. This service is designed to treat chronic pain, and injuries.

60 minutes - $85

90 minutes - $115

120 minutes - $145

Therapeutic Sports Massage

This vigorous therapeutic massage includes stretching, deep pressure and soothing relaxing massage techniques designed to reduce muscle stiffness, increase range of motion, improve athletic performance, flexibility, elasticity and prevent injury.

60 minutes - $95

90 minutes - $120

120 minutes - $152

Prenatal/Postnatal Massage

Ease the physical stress that is associated with pregnancy. Reduce anxiety muscle discomfort and improve sleep quality during pregnancy. This massage is safe for both baby and mother-to-be during expectancy. It is a great way experience renewal and relaxation after delivery.

60 minutes - $80

90 minutes - $115

Hot Stone Massage

Melt your tension away! Volcanic basalt stones have the natural ability to retain heat. The heat from these smooth stones will allow muscles to soften and become more pliable. Pair this treatment with light pressure or firm pressure to accommodate your self-care needs.

60 minutes - $85

90 minutes - $115

120 minutes - $145

Aromatherapy Massage

 Experience mind and body alignment. Increase calmness, treat headaches, reduce stress with a soothing Swedish massage paired with the pleasant fragrance and natural healing properties of essential oils.

60 minutes - $83

90 minutes - $113

120 minutes - $143

Foot Reflexology

Capture a sense of balance! Acupressure is applied to areas of the foot that corresponds with organs, glands, and muscles of the body.

*A sugar foot scrub and shea butter balm is included in the 45 minute foot reflexology service.

30 minutes - $45

45 minutes - $60 

The 40 Minute Refresh 

Target your problem areas with a customized focus massage. This is the perfect treatment for when you are short on time and need immediate relief. Minimize neck pain, headaches, foot pain and chronic tension that can be debilitating.

40 minutes - $50

Therapy Enhancements


$8 (Lavender, Peppermint, Eucalyptus)

 Add on to any treatment (Lavender only for prenatal)

*Hot Stone 

$25  add on targeted area

 Add on to any treatment (except prenatal)

*Sugar Foot Scrub

$20  Add on to treatments


Add on to treatments 

$25 Starting rate